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Product Review: The Innova Twist PVC-Free 3PSI Inflatable Kayak

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After our previous review on the Innova Sunny, we awaited our first shipment of Innova kayaks, which included the Helios I and II EX, Twist I and Sunny. Swing IIs will be arriving in mid-September.

This will be the second in a series of write-ups on each of the Innova kayaks, beginning with the new Innova Twist single.

As previously mentioned, the Innova line is unique in that their kayaks are handmade in the Czech Republic rather than China or Korea.

The Twist is unique in that it utilizes materials that are PVC-free, making them a greener option.

This week we had the first opportunity to take out the Twist, an 8.5 foot single-person inflatable weighing a mere 16 lbs with a selling price of $399.

Getting Started

The box as received is incredibly small and incredibly light – only 18 x 12 x 10…

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